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Exciting new releases, pre-orders, and Toy Fair excitement, Mezco Toyz Edition.

Hello fellow collectors it has been awhile since I popped in with a blog update but life has been extremely busy over the past few months, and we have a LOT to catch up on. Collectibles are being released left and right and with the 2019 Toy Fair right around the corner it is indeed a FANTASTIC time to be a collector! In my next few blogs I will discuss some of my favorite things that have been released over the past few months (many of which I still have in stock and ready to ship in my store), as well as the upcoming releases I am most excited about, and lastly what I hope to see revealed at the 2019 Toy Fair coming up next month.

As I noted above the past few months have been HEAVY with releases from multiple companies. Mezco themselves have released over 16 amazing products since November. NECA is sitting right around 18 releases, and when you throw other heavy hitters in there such as ThreeZero, The Loyal Subjects, SHFiguarts, and Marvel Legends and your looking at close to 100 releases in just the past few months. Just as quickly as the releases are hitting theres been some exciting pre-orders dropping as well from all the aforementioned companies, and 2019 Toy Fair hasn't even hit yet! With so many releases and pre-orders in such a short span on time it is difficult to pick out my favorites but I'll do my best to compile a list of worthy acquistions for you to set your sights on as well as discuss some of my most wanted collectibles that have yet to be announced in this edition I will be covering Mezco Toyz.

Okay anyone who frequents my store or knows me knows I geek out about Mezco products. I have been following and purchasing their products since I began collecting and like a fine wine they've just gotten better with time. Mezco has garnered a lot of attention and hype with their One:12 Collective line of figures and rightfully so most of them are homeruns but Mezco has been putting out amazing products well before the One:12 line was ever even imagined, and while most fans of the line go crazy over the superhero properties they've been pumping out (I love them as well) my love for Mezco started with their unique interpretation of horror and pop culture icon's and for me that continues to be where they excel without further ado I present to you some of my favorite Mezco Toyz releases within the past few months, the upcoming releases I'm most excited about as well as my most wanted yet to be revealed figures.

Favorite Recent Releases

1. Popeye (One:12 Collective) - As I said mezco truly knocks it out of the park with their more off the beaten path rendition of collectibles and their representation of Popeye showcases this. From articulation, sculpt, the cloth goods, and the accessories this figure is truly phenomenal and scratched an itch for many, including myself that we didn't even know was there. As if that wasn't enough they then released another version of Popeye as a Mezco Exclusive in his white attire packed into a spinach can and it is equally as awesome. I sold out of Popeye quickly as did most retailers and your best bet at picking one up at this point is most likely ebay but this is one release you don't want to miss out on.

2. Childs Play 3 Pizza Face Chucky (MDS) - It would be criminal to not put this one on my list of favorite Mezco releases. i own every single itteration of Chucky that Mezco has released and none of them disappoint but the detail that went into this one along with his phrases make this easily one of my favorites ever. At 15 inches tall he fits right in with the rest of the family and the details on the face sculpt of this one are out of this world. I sold out of my initial orders pretty quickly once this guy was released but luckily was able to secure a few more available in my store so if you're a fan of the Childs Play franchise or just horror in general this is one release you do not want to miss this one after all he'll be your friend til the end!

3. Tactical Suit Batman (One:12 Collective) - Being a huge Batman fan I can't not mention Mezco's depection of Tactical Suit Batman from the Justice League Movie. This one has all you need to recreate the scene's from the movie and they did an outstanding job on the suit and accessories. I still have some of these available up for grabs in my store so if you havent snatched it up yet what are you waiting for?

4. Homemade Suit Spiderman (One:12 Collective) - Last but not least on my list of favorite recent Mezco releases is none other than the Homemade Suit Spiderman. This was a Mezco Exclusive and sold out pretty quickly so your best bet for this one is going to be the aftermarket. This is the Spiderman we deserve from articulation, to the buck, the unmasked headsculpt is pretty spot on, and the suit is awesome, and lets not forget the monster spider crotch (okay we can do without that) but seriously I think everyone is in agreement that if what is present in this figure translates over into the upcoming tech-suit Spiderman from Homecoming theres not much more to ask for in terms of a Spidey figure. Please Mezco God's do not disappoint us! If you haven't picked this one up yet do so ASAP before the market starts to climb as it is a worthy addition to any Marvel fans collection.

Most Anticipated Upcoming Releases

1. Blade (One:12 Collective) - The Day Walker is coming and if the promo pics are any indication he is going to be a homerun. Two awesome headsculpts, one with fangs exposed and one without fangs exposed, 2 pairs of sunglasses, swords, guns, muzzle effects, stakes, boomerang blades what more could you ask for? I've always loved the trilogy and am even more excited about this with the recent news of 2 new Blade projects in development at Marvel. The Day Walker can't come soon enough. If you haven't locked in a pre-order yet I still have a limited quanitity available on my site so get it ordered with the quickness because this is going to be a HOT one!

2. Jason Vorhees (One:12 Collective) - Being the horror fanatic I am I can't leave this off my life of releases I'm looking most forward to and I hope they do a version from each film as they are all unique. The headsculpt's and accessories of this one are outstanding and I can't wait to have it in hand. I have some available for pre-order in my store. Grab yours today!

3. Freddy Krueger (One:12 Collective) - Keeping up with the horror theme I am also ecstatic for the One:12 Collective Freddy that is set to release this summer. This one is loaded with accessories and will fit in nicely with Jason and Myers. I still have a few available in the shop and this is going to be a hot one when it drops so don't miss out on the opportunity to secure one at retail while you can.

4. Sovereign Knight Batman PX (One:12 Collective) - No list of mine would be complete without a Batman figure included, and this one is my favorite of all the Sovereign Knight variants that have been shown so far. I've always dug the blue color scheme and this one is amazing. The second of Mezco's interpretation of Batman in various stages throughout his career this one is supposed to depict him in his prime and I think it does so very well. The PX comes loaded with accessories and the blue really makes the figure pop. Most retailers are sold out but I have limited quantity available for pre-order so get your order in now or risk paying aftermarket prices pretty quickly after release.

Things I'd Like to See in the Future

There is a lot of stuff that I couldn't cover in this blog in regards to things I'm looking forward to and things I love from Mezco that have been released already trust me they have