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NECA/Mezco Horror extravaganza, exciting news for International Collectors, Batman Beyond and Netfli

Happy weekend folks and welcome to another edition of D's Fantastic blog, as always shout-out to everyone for the continued support you guys rock, and if you never want to miss an update from me subscribe to my newsletter. As we inch closer and closer to my sites first giveaway for the Mezco Toyz Summer Exclusive Batman Beyond on August 24th (details will be at the end of the blog there's still time to earn entries!), we are also inching closer to my favorite holiday of the year, Halloween. With NECA's reveal at San Diego Comic Con of a new Ultimate Michael Myers figure based on the upcoming Halloween movie it has me thinking about not only my favorite holiday of the year but my favorite genre of movie, and all of the cool horror toys and collectibles that are on the horizon for the rest of this year and early next year so I'll be sharing those thoughts and more. Also exciting news for international collectors I will be opening up orders to you all simply shoot me an email or a facebook message with what your interested in and I'll provide you with details on international shipping options available to you!

Halloween (2018 Film), NECA Ultimate Michael Myers (2018)

For years fan's of the original franchise, myself included, have been clamoring for a proper return to the franchise and it looks like with John Carpenter's involvement this is the year we may finally get it. By all accounts throwing out the entirety of every part of the franchise aside from the first film and erasing all of the lore that has been built over the years initially rubbed me the wrong way its since grown on me with every bit of information that has been released growing my intrigue and anticipation as the date draws closer, and the subsequent trailers that have been released pretty much sealed the deal on this being my most anticipated movie of the year, Oct 19th can't come soon enough. The only thing I feel the horror and action figure collecting community has been waiting on longer is a NECA return to the license and I went absolutely crazy on Previews Night at San Diego Comic Con when I spotted the Jack-O-Lantern underneath a sheet at NECA's booth. I knew right away even without seeing it completely that it was a return to the Halloween franchise for NECA and this of course was confirmed the very next day. Although this return was based on the 2018 film and not any of the franchise's previous films I'll take what I can get when it comes to Myers finally getting the Ultimate treatment from NECA. He is scheduled

to release November of 2018 and you can pick him up right here at my store now for $27.99.

Bride of Chucky (1998 film), NECA Ultimate Chucky & Tiffany 2 Pack

Man what a fun ride this movie is I remember seeing it in theaters upon release and loving every second of it, the introduction of Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany sealed the deal for me and although it lost a lot of people due to its comedic nature it opened up a new world of possibilities for the franchise and I appreciated that. I still go back to it every Halloween season and watch the entire franchise including the two newer offerings Curse, and Cult and I'm completely stoked for the upcoming series. It wasn't until this year that we got the figure we deserved of Chucky from NECA in Ultimate form full of accessories and at SDCC 2018 we got the reveal of our very first Tiffany in this scale getting the Ultimate treatment from NECA packed into a 2 Pack with Chucky with even more accessories. This item should be released around Christmas time this year and if it meets that will make a great gift for any horror fan! You can pre-order the 2 pack from me here for 49.99!

IT (1990 Min-series, 2017 film), NECA Ultimate Pennywise (1990, 2017)

Pennywise the Dancing Clown as iconic as they come. Whether your the type of person who loves remakes or hates them sometimes they just need to happen and in the case of the Stephen King creation this one was absolutely necessary. With the original Tim Curry representation in 1990 being made for TV there was a lot of things that couldn't be fleshed out as horrifically as the novel depicted to even come close to the terror brought to life on paper by Stephen King and this remake is one that needed to be done out of necessity and it was done extremely well. I think everyone can agree in both versions it was Pennywise who stole