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A Nightmare on D's Fantastic Toy Store lets talk horror TV! D's Fantastic Prize Drawing: Me

Welcome back to another edition of D's Fantastic Toys Blog!  I want to once again thank everyone who has taken the time to visit the site and support me whether it be like, shares, or placing an order, you guys rock!  To show my appreciation I am doing a drawing for the sold out 2018 Mezco Summer Exclusive Batman Beyond for those who have made any purchase on my site from its opening in June of 2018 to the 23rd of August 2018!  The drawing will be on August 24th 2018!  It's not to late to gain an entry so shop now!

Now to get down to the business at hand I want to discuss horror TV!  I was always into horror movies starting at a young age.  The fuel to that fire was the original A Nightmare on Elm Street film I was fascinated by the makeup, the special effects and the entire concept of the film.  When I was around 10 years old I remember flipping on the TV late at night after everyone had went to bed and flipping channels when I happened upon a show that had just started running with a haunting theme song and an intro full of fog, lightning and screams heading towards a seemingly haunted mansion which inside was full of cobwebs panning down some stairs lit with haunted torches and finally into a room at the bottom with a coffin, and out popped a ghoul with a shrieking laugh!  I was hooked from that moment on.  My favorite episodes were "Abra Cadaver", and "And All Through the House", but I enjoyed almost every episode that aired for one reason or another and was ecstatic when they were released on DVD.  The most important thing this series did for me though was open my eyes to another avenue to feed my appetite for horror, well actually three avenues, television, comics, and books.  I picked up some old EC comic issues of "Tales From The Crypt", and found some Fangoria magazines, and also discovered books from Dan Simmon's like "The Terror", as well as books from Stephen King and other horror authors!  Since the day I discovered Tales From the Crypt I've made it a point to check out any horror television show I could find.  Who remembers Monster Vision?!?  Those were the days!  Lucky for us there is still great horror television being created to this day and a lot of it is very Nostalgic, some good, some bad, some terrible, and most with more CGI today then I can handle (I really miss the days when the brilliant makeup and special effects made horror unforgettable). 

Today I want to talk about some horror shows I've been watching, and some upcoming ones that I can't wait to see!

First up I'll hit the series I recently finished "The Strain".  Having read the books I was a bit skeptical on how they would pull this one off in a way that would do justice to how great the books were in not only focusing on the characters but painting the picture of the devastation and pandemonium going on at the same time, but in my opinion they did a very good job of adapting the book into a 4 season series.  From the chilling first episode recreation of the page turning beginning of the first book to the series best season in my opinion season four I was entertained throughout.  The on screen death's were gory, the vampires were awesome, and The Master himself was down right terrifying.  If you haven't checked out the Strain yet give it a shot if your craving an original take on vampires.

Next up is SyFy's Channel Zero, a series that I'm sure most horror enthusiast have watched (if not do it now!), or at the very least heard of.  If you haven't heard of Channel Zero it is an Anthology series with each season based off of a popular creepypasta.  Their has been 3 seasons so far and each one is good in its own right.  My favorite season was the latest titled Butcher's Block and based on Kerry Hammond's creepypasta Search and Rescue Woods.  Without spoiling it this season deals with two sisters experience with the on-set of mental illness, and the journey is absolutely terrifying.  This one is must see TV and you should check it out as soon as possible.  Candle Cove, the first season of Channel Zero is my second favorite as it delves into how things that happen in childhood can have an effect on people when they become adults, and it is the stuff of pure nightmare fuel.  I won't go to much further into it then to say the creature depiction here is one of my favorites of all time.  Season 2 titled No-end House ranks last for me but first for a lot of others.  I liked it and it was good in it's own right but it was more sci-fi then horror for me, and that's the sole reason it ranks last.

Finally a series I've just begun watching is AMC's "The Terror", based on the Dan Simmon's novel of the same name.  If you want an atmospherically chilling show with an awesome story and monster look no further.  This show is dubbed as based on true events and those events are in reference to Sir John Franklin's lost expedition to the Arctic to 1845-1848.  I'm only on episode 3 but each episode has been fantastic as I slowly learn how not only will the crew of the ship survive each other but also the unknown thing that is stalking them.  So far its been plenty gory and satisfyingly unsettling.  If you haven't watched it yet check it out soon.

As far as upcoming TV I'm really looking forward to Outcast season 2 which premieres July 20th on Cinemax.  I'm also really excited about the news of a Child's Play television series being in the works, I think it could work as a TV series and there's many angles they could take especially if they include the entire family it also helps that they aren't scrapping the film universe.  I'm a little disappointed that the Tales From the Crypt television reboot is apparently dead (almost as disappointed as I was to hear the Crypt Keeper wouldn't be in it), but horror on television is alive and well so that makes me happy.  

Thanks for reading D's Fantastic Toy's debut horror television blog post, be sure to check back as there's plenty more to come.  Check back Friday for a horror movie edition, I'm going to take it back in time a bit and go over some of my favorite classics to include A Nightmare on Elm Street, Sleepaway Camp, and others.  Check out my store to see some of my in-stock horror, comic book, and pop culture merchandise available now or coming soon.  Newly in stock is the Friday the 13th 15 inch Jason with sound effects, and the Living Dead Doll Talking Freddy  If there's something I don't carry that you'd like to see drop me a line and I'll do my best to make it available to you.