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D's Fantastic Toys August Prize Drawing Mezco Prize announcement! SDCC thoughts, and Mezco One:

Apologies for the long delay in blog posts but I'm back folks so strap in and read on for the reveal of D's Fantastic Toys first giveaway! The prize drawing will go down August 24th for anyone who has purchased an item between my shops opening in June to the drawing date in August. I'll also give you my top 10 exclusives for the upcoming San Diego Comic Con 2018 (One of them is the giveaway item!), and I'd be remiss to not cover Mezco's latest item up for pre-order, the One:12 Collective Hela from the movie Thor Ragnarok.

D's SDCC Top 10 Exclusives

10. FYE Exclusive XXRAY Reptar: Man if you haven't checked out FYE's XXRAY line you're missing out. This line is sculpted with half of the body shown in X-ray style. This year's SDCC offerings include an assortment of Spongebob characters, and Superman man of steel edition but this is my favorite offering from this year as it brings me back to one of my childhood favorites the Rugrats. This is a super detailed and super unique 8'' vinyl figure designed by FYE artist Jason Freeny. This one is going to cost you $129.99 which is a pretty penny but for the exclusivity and the amount of detail in these things, totally worth it.

9. Mattel exclusive Hot Wheels DC Superman Action Comics #1: Look I can't hide the fact that I'm a DC guy, and this is an iconic piece for any Superman or DC fan, and a must have for hot wheel collectors. The presentation of this exclusive is an absolutely stunning recreation of the 1938 comic book. It will cost you $20 but you have to be at the con to have a chance at this item that is sure to be a hit.